Madam Storm explains the reasons why she started female confidence building and talks about the benefits of the Strutters MeetUp group.

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Cocktails with Madam Storm
& Mr Markus

Thursday 25th October 7pm-10pm in Hoxton London

Come and meet Madam Storm at an informal cabaret-style evening of chat and fun for Hallowe’en. Engage with her and she will share some of the rich and seminal events in her life.

She will answer your questions about projecting confidence, attracting the right sort of attention, sex and sensuality, S&M and the art of seduction.

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Learn how to STRUT in your heels

Wednesday 21st November 7pm-9.30pm in Hoxton London

On the day Madam Storm will help you to master 5 different styles of walking, while explaining the technique and importance of each.

This is a practical, fun class, teaching you how to strut with elegance, grace, sass and confidence.

Everyone will participate.

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Red Run Charity Run for World AIDS Day 1st December 2018

Madam Storm will be replacing her stilettos for her trainers to participate in this amazing event to help raise money for the hardship scheme and will be doing a 5k run for your donation. Click here to find out more and to donate.

Madam Storm’s 6 Steps to strutting with confidence
-The Power Strut

Read all about Madam Storm’s recent Strut masterclass at Queen of Hoxton and the 7 steps to seduce your partner in FAB UK Magazine.


As well as being an international dominatrix and Torture Garden celebrity, Madam Storm is a motivational speaker who specialises in the empowerment of women. She is also a confidence coach, stage and nightclub performer, and founder of her own Strut Masterclasses. Katy Harrington of asked her to tell us what goes on in a one-to-one with a client and everything else we've always wondered about the world of domination.

7 Sizzling steps to seduce your partner - from a dominatrix

Madam Storm, international dominatrix and regular fixture at renowned fetish night Torture Garden, is offering Londoners the chance to learn the art of seduction, spanking and self-confidence in a workshop later this month at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen.
In the run-up, Madam Storm is sharing seven of her sexiest seduction techniques.


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"My mission is to help women all over the world, one STRUT at a time" - Madam Storm

Madam Storm is a confidence coach, speaker, performer and the founder of Madam Storm’s STRUT masterclasses.

Madam Storm’s STRUT Masterclasses, teaches women how to walk confidently and correctly in their high heel shoes. Masterclasses are taught in small groups of women.

What you will learn –

  • Feel more confident within your body,

  • Learn how to command attention when you enter a room,

  • Walk confidently in your heels.

  • Harness the power of your sensuality

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Classes and Lifestyle Programmes

MADAM STORM’S Strut Masterclasses

Madam Storm runs a series of Masterclasses teaching small groups of women how to project their personality in a variety of situations by confidently displaying grace, elegance and sass.  Classes are small enough to give each lady individual attention, yet large enough to ensure a creative bond and engender a fun-filled atmosphere where no-one is left behind.

I will help you to master the 5 different styles of walking, while explaining the technique and importance of each one, my sessions are practical, fun and empowering whilst teaching you how to strut with elegance, grace, sass and confidence.

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Madam Storm’s STRUT Masterclasses

Madam Storm’s STRUT Private Parties

Madam Storm’s STRUT 1 to 1 Sessions

The Art of Seduction PROGRAMME

Share an afternoon of fun and frolics and explore the Art of Seduction, learn and understand your body and the power you possess in Madam Storm’s latest confidence-boosting Masterclass - The Art of Seduction. 

Whether at work or play, being able to project an attractive personality is a key success factor.  Learn how to seduce your partner or lover and most importantly learn how to seduce yourself.

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If you need further information about the Strut masterclass, please contact Madam Storm using the register your interest form or alternatively call 07738 157620 or email