Performing Artists’ Private Sessions

Singers, Dancers, Musicians, Actors, Models, Public Speakers – anyone who goes on stage knows the feeling.  Once you start performing, all the butterflies disappear and your confidence grows, delivering the performance you wanted. 

It’s that moment, those few minutes before, that we know and dread.  That feeling that threatens the first few seconds or minutes of the performance.  That draining of confidence we have to fight to be able to give of our best from the very start. 

No one understands these feelings better than Madam Storm.  From her training at the BRIT School for the Performing Arts and more than a decade in practice as a motivational speaker, she has the experience and the insights.

Now she has designed a Private Session specifically for performing artists and anyone who will be called upon to appear before an important audience.  The session will help you to understand the thought processes that come just before a performance.  It will build your confidence levels to performance levels.  It will teach you how to walk onto that stage and project that confidence.  It will demonstrate the art of holding your audience before you begin your act. 

This is a programme that appeals to newcomers as well as seasoned performers.

For corporate executives, Madam Storm can visit your offices to deliver the session.

She can also provide last-minute support to those not accustomed to the public performance.

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