The Power Strut catwalk


It was the 4th March, when I walked into a room full of beautiful vibrant women.  Straight away I felt at ease as their spirit was warm and their faces were inviting.  They all smiled at me.

One lady said ‘Hi General’. I was surprised and humbled that they knew who I was.

I had arrived a bit early, so I had the pleasure of sitting in on their meeting.  Silvia Petretti, an activist for women with HIV who had organised the event had the floor  Her passion for the cause was clear to see.  I sat back in excitement and admiration.

She gave me the floor and we got to Strutting! I delivered a 2-hour STRUT Masterclass, teaching the women how to own their space and walk confidently in their stilettos.  Mind you most of them were in trainers.

We went through the dress rehearsal with fun and sass - the transformation was incredible. These were women who had never strutted down the catwalk before.  Some were more nervous than others, but with coaching and Chaka Khan Im every woman playing in the background, the ladies began to relax and have fun.

 Me and the beautiful Silvia Petretti from  

Me and the beautiful Silvia Petretti from 

They were stepping outside their comfort zone and grew with every strut. We strutted, posed, laughed and recited affirmations together, such as I AM HERE and Amandla Awethu, which means The Power Is Ours.  Together we created a safe supportive space.  The room was full of encouragement, passion and love for one another.  I felt totally connected with the women straight away.

With just a few days to go until The Power Catwalk I left there confident knowing they were going to ace it.  But nothing could of prepared me for the overwhelming feeling of love I felt on the day as I watched in front row these beautiful women STRUT down the catwalk.

Tears rolled down my face as I watched each and every one of them strut into their power.  And in that moment, I knew this was much bigger than me.  In that moment, I knew this was where I was supposed to be!   It’s funny because, although individually they applaud me for my good work, it was they who had taught me.  It was they who inspired me, and it is those women who made me want to be a better woman.

We were also entertained by beautiful African dancing from the women and heard beautiful words by poet and activist Bakita Kasadha.  Her poems can be found here

It was a powerful and informative evening - their message was clear.  They were not weak, feeble victims.  They were strong women on a mission to get rid of the perception that women with HIV are weak.  Many people share a misconception on what its like to be a woman living with HIV.  Many of these women with HIV face violence, poverty and stigma. This day, they showed unity and strength. Women are the second largest group to have HIV, with over 30,000 women living in the UK, the largest in Europe.  Please visit for more information.  They run a great support group and other amazing services.

I speak a lot on owning your space and growing through what you go through and that night I saw the words come alive.  I have never met a bunch of women who were as brave, courageous and beautiful as the women I saw that night strutting against stigma.  They were loud and proud. I AM HERE!!!!

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 Me and my beautiful STRUTTERS

Me and my beautiful STRUTTERS


How to achieve your GOALS!!!

What are goals? How do we achieve them? How do we deal with obstacles?

My clients often find achieving goals challenging due to work and family commitments. Others don’t know where to start, and some believe it's too late to fulfil their desires; believing their goals are just dreams that will never become a reality!

I'm here to tell you that it's never too late. No matter what your circumstances are or what your financial situation is, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Once the mind can create it, you can achieve it.     

This article is summary of key things you can do to achieve your dreams and live the life you desire. It's very simple! No jargon - just clear steps to lead you to fulfilling your goals. Everyone deserves to live a life full of love health and happiness with balance and contentment.

The first step

Have a clear vision. Be clear on what you want to achieve. Make sure you are driven by passion and not money. Trust that your passion will in return give you wealth. Too many of us our driven by money, but this does not bring happiness or contentment. Living a life with no contentment means you are never happy! So what is the point?

The second step

Visualize your goal. Be at one with your goal. Make it so clear you can touch it. Be in the moment. Feel the passion and the desire that burns within you, as this is what you will rely on to motivate yourself and keep you going when doubt starts kicking in.

The third step

Write down your goal. Ask yourself what do I need to do to achieve this goal? Ask yourself  do I need to do research? Do I need to do a course? You may need finance to help you,  and if so, how will you go about getting this loan? The important thing is not to get overwhelmed, just take small steps one at a time.

The fourth step

Write out your strategy. Have a 10-year plan. Complete a timeline - include family and friend time, be sure to include Me Time. This will allow you to regenerate! Having a balanced life is KEY! Create a success list, then ask yourself what is the ONE thing I need to focus on today this week this month this year? In order to make my business/personal life successful, write your goals on a white board and keep it visible. Visualise your goals like dominos once one has set off, the rest will follow.

The fifth step

Protect your goal. Learn how to say 'no'! Do not allow anyone or anything to stand in your way. Keep believing in yourself and never ever give up! Remember, you deserve to live your dream and are capable of fulfilling your aspirations. Create a vision board and continue to visualise your goals. If you desire a successful company, imagine yourself at your desk...

The golden rule

Take responsibility and be honest with yourself. Choose today! Do you want to be a loser or a winner? Winners don't live in the past; they use their experiences - good or bad- to influence their present. You are no longer a victim, but a survivor; a warrior of life. Your battles make you a better fighter and your wounds are just reminders of the battles you have overcome. It shows your strength and is a reminder of where you were. Now, let's get you ready for the future!  

Helpful Tips

When in self-doubt, have a word with yourself. Be honest about the reason(s) why you're doubting your ability. Could it be that you're scared? Scared of what others may think? Scared of failure? Scared of showing everyone how much you want something? This is called fear. Fear is just a reminder that you're doing something new; something worthwhile. Trust in yourself and step outside your comfort zone. There is no shame in not succeeding the first time; the best lessons are learnt this way. Take note and learn from it and try again, but this time you be better prepared you will be a person who has learnt from their mistake(s) you would of learnt about your strengths and weaknesses. Be prepared to make many more mistakes and enjoy the journey and the excitement of perfecting your goal, keep growing, keep going and NEVER GIVE UP!

Everyone deserves to live their dreams. Start today. Start now. Start this very minute and STRUT into your POWER!!!!

Author:Madam Storm

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To all my beautiful ladies

Dear sister,


Who told you, you wasn’t beautiful,

Who told you, you wasn’t perfect in your form,

My sister who taught you not to love yourself unconditionally.


My sister you are beautiful, a piece of art,

You are the artist a perfect picture,

Dip your brush into your colourful aura.


Your beautiful smile says a thousands words,

You are perfect in your form,

You are unique in every way.


My beautiful sister, you are enough,

You are beauty,

You are light,

You are magic,

Allow love in.


Love yourself unconditionally,

Dip your brush into your beautiful aura,

You are the creator,

You are the artist of your life,

Paint a pretty picture.


Let the world hang your art upon a wall,

Let us see your true beauty,

You are PERFECT in your form.



Author: Madam Storm

© Madam Storm| All rights reserved