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After an afternoon with Madam Storm I left feeling like the most powerful woman in the world. You see, attending a Madam Storm STRUT masterclass will be like nothing you’ve attended before. BELIEVE ME! Her Energy is like no other and her ability to be able to read a room full of woman is incredible. Her Strut Masterclass is a journey in itself which is so deeply personal to every attendee. Everyone has shown up because of some blockage they’re having with their own confidence and Strut offers a safe environment where you can be vulnerable enough to share your story and release the battles, but powerful enough to not let them define who you are. I remember the first time I saw this gorgeous, tall goddess and from that moment I was in awe. Madam Storm has such a presence, that you can’t help but feel loved and good about yourself. She radiates from the inside out and the outside is damn incredible too. Madam Storm is a genuinely, really cool, down to earth woman, with a big heart who wants every woman on this planet to live their sexiest, best life. In the room there was refreshments set up with some strawberries, prosecco and some cakes.


The class started with everyone in a circle, introducing themselves and sharing why you’ve come along to the workshop. Naturally everyone at this time is very timid and lacking confidence. Some attendees looking to the floor the whole time and others sharing that they don’t even own a mirror. The workshop unfolds in a natural, empowering way as you get down to business learning Madam Storms 6 signature Struts. Everyone walks in lines together towards the mirrors, Madam Storm empowers you to watch yourself, stroke your body and allow yourself to feel every gorgeous inch of YOU! You are invited to celebrate yourself, be proud of what your body has done for you and learn how to ‘own your space’ and by the way, you are celebrated to take up as much space as you like! What is magical to see, is the progress of the ladies that attend the class.

The woman who were initially too shy to look up during the introduction, were now in front of a mirror, celebrating who they are and learning how to love themselves inch by inch. It’s a very powerful experience to be apart of. For me personally, attending the Strut Masterclass, was the nudge I was missing. I suppose I had come a long way with my confidence in the months prior to the class, which is why I personally felt confident enough to buy a ticket, attend, and to even feel confident talking about my story. I had gone to some workshops about body confidence before too. What I found was that inside these safe spaces of workshops and dance classes I had attended, I was confident, free of judgement and felt quite powerful. However as soon as I was to exit that room, I always felt like that weight of self-doubt and limiting beliefs came back on my shoulders. Strut pretty much eradicated that fear and judgement for me. After attending a Strut Masterclass my mindset about who I am, my relationship and mindset towards my body and my outlook on life changed. That’s a pretty powerful trio.

Madam Storms 3 hour Strut Class changed me in a way where I woke up that morning one woman, and went to sleep that night another woman. If you’re nervous, on edge, umming and arring about whether to sign up because you are having some form of limiting belief. I urge you to simply buy a ticket. This is a small investment with a huge impact and all going towards your own personal development and growth.

Now I you want to know the Struts, but you’ll just have to attend the next class, because I am now a qualified Strutter, and you will definitely want to be!!


Love Hannah x

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We’re so, what?,...... SEXY

I was joined on the 29th April by a lovely group of women attending my STRUT Masterclass.  This is the class that teaches women how to walk sexily and confidently in their high heels.  

We started off the session by welcoming one another into our safe space.  A space of no judgement of others or ourselves. A space created for women to STRUT into their power. The next step was to coach these beautiful women how to stand in their stilettos because, let’s face it, if we can’t stand in them we have no chance of walking in them.

As a therapist and a confidence coach, I'm a great believer that everything starts with the mind.  I believe that whatever it is we are thinking, our bodies project it. This is why I introduced affirmations into my masterclass.


The first affirmation I introduced is I AM HERE.  This means I am present, I own my space. Now, with the mind right, they were ready to embody those words, by standing up straight, shoulders pinned back, core engaged, chest up. Now that they are looking strong and confident, I introduced the first Strut. The Power STRUT is first, followed by The Diva, The Sass, The Seductress and The Pussycat STRUT. Starting with the Power Strut – the Strut that commands attention in any situation.  Continuing with Struts that become progressively bolder, sexier and more intimate. Each Strut is different, with a different purpose and effect. But in each case the technique remains the same:

Step 1 Stand tall, shoulders back, core engaged, chest up

Step 2 Step with right foot first.  Heel down followed by the sole of the foot. Repeat with left foot.

The afternoon was electric, buzzing with energy and fun.  Many of my beautiful ladies came on their own, but they all soon made friends and connected with the other women. STRUT is so much more than a Masterclass that teaches women how to walk in high heels.  It’s a movement, a sisterhood, a celebration of womanhood.

The afternoon finished in true Madam Storm style, accompanied by a special guest, my partner Mr Marcus, I showcased my Art of Seduction Masterclass , where the ladies witnessed me seducing him with a few simple movements , as I strutted towards him.


We then gave out certificates after all my ladies were now professional STRUTTERS. We toasted the occasion with a glass of prosecco.

Remember, How you walk says a lot about a you.  You only have one shot to make a good impression. Make it a memorable one!!!!!

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The Power Strut catwalk


It was the 4th March, when I walked into a room full of beautiful vibrant women.  Straight away I felt at ease as their spirit was warm and their faces were inviting.  They all smiled at me.

One lady said ‘Hi General’. I was surprised and humbled that they knew who I was.

I had arrived a bit early, so I had the pleasure of sitting in on their meeting.  Silvia Petretti, an activist for women with HIV who had organised the event had the floor  Her passion for the cause was clear to see.  I sat back in excitement and admiration.

She gave me the floor and we got to Strutting! I delivered a 2-hour STRUT Masterclass, teaching the women how to own their space and walk confidently in their stilettos.  Mind you most of them were in trainers.

We went through the dress rehearsal with fun and sass - the transformation was incredible. These were women who had never strutted down the catwalk before.  Some were more nervous than others, but with coaching and Chaka Khan Im every woman playing in the background, the ladies began to relax and have fun.

Me and the beautiful Silvia Petretti from  

Me and the beautiful Silvia Petretti from 

They were stepping outside their comfort zone and grew with every strut. We strutted, posed, laughed and recited affirmations together, such as I AM HERE and Amandla Awethu, which means The Power Is Ours.  Together we created a safe supportive space.  The room was full of encouragement, passion and love for one another.  I felt totally connected with the women straight away.

With just a few days to go until The Power Catwalk I left there confident knowing they were going to ace it.  But nothing could of prepared me for the overwhelming feeling of love I felt on the day as I watched in front row these beautiful women STRUT down the catwalk.

Tears rolled down my face as I watched each and every one of them strut into their power.  And in that moment, I knew this was much bigger than me.  In that moment, I knew this was where I was supposed to be!   It’s funny because, although individually they applaud me for my good work, it was they who had taught me.  It was they who inspired me, and it is those women who made me want to be a better woman.

We were also entertained by beautiful African dancing from the women and heard beautiful words by poet and activist Bakita Kasadha.  Her poems can be found here

It was a powerful and informative evening - their message was clear.  They were not weak, feeble victims.  They were strong women on a mission to get rid of the perception that women with HIV are weak.  Many people share a misconception on what its like to be a woman living with HIV.  Many of these women with HIV face violence, poverty and stigma. This day, they showed unity and strength. Women are the second largest group to have HIV, with over 30,000 women living in the UK, the largest in Europe.  Please visit for more information.  They run a great support group and other amazing services.

I speak a lot on owning your space and growing through what you go through and that night I saw the words come alive.  I have never met a bunch of women who were as brave, courageous and beautiful as the women I saw that night strutting against stigma.  They were loud and proud. I AM HERE!!!!

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Me and my beautiful STRUTTERS

Me and my beautiful STRUTTERS