Golden Session

When you follow one of Madam Storm’s Personal Sessions, you know you will be confident, controlled, focused and sensual.
 You’ll command attention by your presence and bearing.
If you want some additional inspiration, Madam Storm has devised her Golden Session.

The Golden Session is an out-of-studio session which is personally designed for each client and based on your own circumstances.

A shopping expedition in advance of a special, intimate occasion, for example. Madam Storm’s stylist will help you choose your outfit and she herself will help you to select the lingerie and accessories that suit your style and the occasion.  You may be thinking about appropriate toys – advice from such a knowledgeable friend accompanying you will let you enjoy the experience and savour the anticipation. She can also visit the accommodation with you and offer tips on the décor and accessories and remind you of the various seduction techniques you practised in her Personal Session.

Or if you are about to be the centre of, or an important player in, an event where you will have a high profile, a Golden Session is ideal to rehearse your personal contribution, appearance and bearing. Madam Storm will be able to remind you, and rehearse, the appropriate Struts.  She’ll help with your wardrobe as necessary to ensure you look good and right for the occasion. You’ll appear at the event full of elegance, grace, confidence and sass.

Golden Session out of studio session from £200.
Shopping expedition from £1800.

For further information please contact Madam Storm on 07738 157520, alternatively email or register your interest by clicking on the button below.