" My mission is to help women all over the world, one strut at a time" - Madam Storm

Madam Storm is a coach and motivational speaker with a mission:
She wants to empower women to be the best of themselves –

  • To be confident in themselves
  • To be proud of their femininity
  • To present themselves in the best possible way.  

All her programmes have two things in common – They are empowering and great fun!
She will help you –Look good, Feel good and Project a good presence.

Programmes covered range from fitness training, confidence coaching, masterclasses in self-projection and 1 on 1 training.

Contact Madam Storm today and take your confidence and empowerment to the next level!

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Strut Masterclasses

Madam Storm runs a series of Masterclasses teaching small groups of women how to project their personality in a variety of situations by confidently displaying grace, elegance and sass.  Classes are small enough to give each lady individual attention, yet large enough to ensure a creative bond and engender a fun-filled atmosphere where no-one is left behind.

I will help you to master the 5 different styles of walking, while explaining the technique and importance of each one, my sessions are practical, fun and empowering whilst teaching you how to strut with elegance, grace, sass and confidence.

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Inspiring and motivating women for several years, using her skills as a renowned dominatrix and confidence coach, Madam Storm will have you feeling confident and strong in any situation. She is well qualified to help you understand what’s holding you back and devise a course specifically for you.  Working together, through a variety of media, and her famous affirmations, one which many ladies love is I AM HERE.

Many of  her clients have a better outlook on life and have a more confident approach to work and play once working with Madam Storm.

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1 to 1 sessions

This is a private Strut Masterclass for those who wish to learn a more in depth the art of walking.  The main objective is to learn how to walk sexy and confidently in high heels, to feel more confident within your body.  Learn how to command attention when you enter a room whilst harnessing the power of your sensuality!

In your session we will do a lot of mirror work and powerful affirmations as Strut is more than learning how to walk, its a masterclass teaching you how to STRUT into your power.

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The Art of Seduction

Share an afternoon of fun and frolics and explore the Art of Seduction, learn and understand your body and the power you possess in Madam Storm’s latest confidence-boosting Masterclass - The Art of Seduction. 

Whether at work or play, being able to project an attractive personality is a key success factor. Learn how to seduce your partner or lover and most importantly learn how to seduce yourself.

 In an interactive 5-hour event, Madam Storm will teach you how to harness your divine feminine powers.

No boring lectures, this is an active session, entertainment rather than school work, practice rather than theory. You are involved all the way through, mentored and monitored by Madam Storm herself. 

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Private Strut Party

Do you fancy a girls night out? Do you and your girlfriends want to try something new, sexy and fun?

Why not gather some of your girlfriends and book your own private Strut Party for you and 12 friends for as a little as £35 per head, you can be sure my 2hr Private Strut Masterclass will have feeling sexy, empowered, confident and guaranteed to have you Strutting in your stilettos like a Diva.
Studios are based in Brixton, Camden and West End.

How to Book, Scroll down to the bottom of the page to book in for a telephone consultation or call me on 07738157520 to book XOXO



No matter what shape you’re in, you’ll look and feel better with a toned and fit body.  Madam Storms fitness training gives you confidence and presence.  Yes, it’s hard work to achieve and maintain, but with her working alongside you, I can guarantee you’ll never regret the effort.

Not a member of a gym? No problem Madam Storm travels to her clients home. Her training sessions are packed with fun and sexy exercises, she not like your average trainer, Madam Storm gets down and trains with you, giving you that extra push you need.

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Madam Storm Speaks

Madam Storm is a qualified therapist, clinical hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, confidence and fitness coach and motivational speaker.  She specialises in helping women to enjoy life by inspiring them to gain confidence through a practical programme of self-belief and outward presentation.

Her Strut masterclass, for example, teaches the art of walking in heels in different ways to suit different occasions, at work, at play and in romance; from boardroom to bedroom.

She is a very accomplished and entertaining motivational speaker, with a wealth of personal experience to draw on and share - having endured an acutely disadvantaged background with direct experience of many of the issues affecting young people today, Madam Storm now speaks in support of women’s issues for charities and women’s groups as well as for commercial organizations, government and local government audiences.

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Hen Night and Birthdays

Let Madam Storm create you night to remember.  Before going to your final venue –club, dance or party, visit Madam Storm’s studio and spend an hour or so with positive inspirational activities to get you in the mood for the special evening ahead.  A sparkling evening starts with a sparkling wine reception for the guests, and the wine is on tap throughout. 

Madam Storm will take you through a repertoire of activities designed for fun, hilarity and confidence-building appropriate to the occasion.  They will include some of her famous Struts – like the Pussy Cat.  Everyone will join in the Struts as well as to practise techniques of posing, flirting and sexy dancing.  Everyone will soon be in the relaxed, party mood.

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When it’s time to move on, we can arrange a car to take you to your party destination, or for an extra special treat we can arrange a stretch-limo, bar and all.

This fun evening is valued at £540 for 12 people (£45per head) and £35 for each lady beyond 12 (2hr booking) The Bride/Birthday gurl goes free, of course.

Studios are based in Brixton, Camden and West End.

 Madam Storm can only take parties of 16 or less in order to give individual attention to everyone.