Mistress Training  


Have you fantasied about cracking the whip, wearing a latex corset and having your subject adore you, or do you want to introduce BDSM into your relationship. Or perhaps like madam Storm your looking for a release, somewhere you can  explore your desires and grow as a woman.

Become a Mistress, whether it be for one night or a life time, this training is like no other.

Madam Storm has over 10 years experience as a professional international Dominatrix,  Madam Storm is often hired for extensive knowledge and experience, recently hired by Metro to write a review on the new Netflix show “Bonding” a  series about a professional dominatrix. She has also written for the refinery 29 “The confession of a dominatrix”


Madam Storms specialise in the following

·      Pet training

·      Smoke fetish

·      Foot fetish

·      Shoe fetish

·      Art of seduction

·      Corporal punishment

·      Couples play

·      Tie & Tease

·      Spanking


Madam Storm also works with couples as well as individuals, her couples programme is very bespoke to each couple depending on their needs and desires. Her main focus is for couples to be able to communicate their desires and  boundaries, as she believes these are the fundamental blocks to a successful relationship.

Like any true Madam, Madam Storm has her personal pet who can be arranged to participate in Mistress Training, this gives you the true authentic experience on being a dominatrix, training will be in a london based dungeon, hotel or your home, depending on the training you desire.

As  each session is unique and Madam Storms has a variety of techniques on how she teaches, she offers a free consultation.

Madam Storm’s sessions range from £250 per hour depending on the booking.

Email Madam Storm for your free consultation info@teachmestorm.co.uk or call 07738157590