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Metro Podcast Good Sex Bad Sex

The award winning Metro podcast  Good sex bad sex interviewed Madam Storm on the art of seduction whilst being on her Berlin tour and invited her back to the London office for her second interview on “How to STRUT”

She chats to Bibi and Miranda about feeling sexy, looking confident the business of strutting. Plus Madam Storm gives Bibi a lesson in how to strut! Check out Madam Storm’s interviews below.

Metro Podcast Good sex bad sex STRUT Masterclass

Metro Podcast Good sex bad sex Art of Seduction

The Wharf Newspaper

Madam Storm graced the front the cover of the Wharf Newspaper in her exclusive interview with Florence Derrick.

“Hi darling,” she cried as I stepped into The Book Club in Shoreditch, leaping up from her latte in a flurry of faux fur, leather and stilettos the same crimson shade as her lipstick…. Click link below to read the full interview.

How Dominatrix Madam Storm taught me the Art of Seduction

“Pet, get on your knees.”

A middle-aged man, dressed in nothing but a patent leather thong and collar, kneels on the floor and starts licking the dominatrix’s stilettos.

“See, I train my pets very well,” says Madam Storm, holding high in one hand the leash that’s attached to the man’s collar and a wooden cane in the other….. Click on link below to read the full review

Hoxton Radio

Fubar radio


Youtube star Calum Mcswiggan interviews Madam Storm on his radio show. Can Madam Storm win the game “is this porn”?

Watch the full interview below or listen too it via the link below, it’s packed with laughter and an insight on how to get a pet!

Click on the link below for the Fubar Radio interview


As well as being an international dominatrix and Torture Garden celebrity, Madam Storm is a motivational speaker who specialises in the empowerment of women. She is also a confidence coach, stage and nightclub performer, and founder of her own Strut Masterclasses.

Katy Harrington of asked her to tell us what goes on in a one-to-one with a client and everything else we've always wondered about the world of domination.

Fab Magazine

Madam Storm’s 6 steps to Strutting with confidence – The Power Strut

Cocktails and Cocktalk

Madam Storm, international dominatrix and regular fixture at renowned fetish night Torture Garden, is offering Londoners the chance to learn the art of seduction, spanking and self-confidence in a workshop later this month at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen.

In the run-up, Madam Storm is sharing seven of her sexiest seduction techniques.