It all started when…

I decided enough was enough, I was tired of being unhappy, depressed and STUCK, stuck in my bad habits. Sleeping into noon, smoking and drinking just to mention a few of my bad habits and they were many.

It was summer of 2014 when I decided to fight for my life, below is a picture of me on stage after 3 months of intense training, against all the odds I had did it, not because I was physically stronger than the other women, it was because I was confident, I felt sexy and I was mentally strong and focused, because I had no choice but to win, win the freedom of my mind, body and soul, the competition was with myself!


Strut fitness is all about self love, dedication and the willingness to change your life. Training with me wont only change the way you look but it will enhance your life. You will feel sexier, you will be stronger, fitter, healthier and happier with your body and your life.


Listen to what my beautiful client had to say  just after 1 day of training with me.  If like Angela you are ready to change your life give me a call today to discuss your Personal Training on 07738157520 xoxo Madam Storm 


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