Do you want to learn how to walk in your stilettos?

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what you can expect at MADAM STORM’s strut masterclass

You will learn how to walk sexy and confidently in high heels, to feel more confident within your body. Learn how to command attention when you enter a room whilst Harnessing the power of your sensuality. Madam Storm will help you to master the 5 different styles of walking, while explaining the technique and importance of each one, my sessions are practical, fun and empowering whilst teaching you how to strut with elegance, grace, sass and confidence.

You will do a lot of mirror work and powerful affirmations as Strut is more than learning how to walk, its a masterclass teaching you how to STRUT into your power.

Madam Storm runs a series of Masterclasses teaching small groups of women how to project their personality in a variety of situations by confidently displaying grace, elegance and sass.  Classes are small enough to give each lady individual attention, yet large enough to ensure a creative bond and engender a fun-filled atmosphere where no-one is left behind.

Classes are held at venues in Camden, Brixton and Central London locations.

STRUT Masterclass tickets from £30.

Please check the Learn how to walk in high heels page for latest details of event dates.

All STRUT masterclasses are announced on the Madam Storm’s STRUT masterclass announcements page and can be booked through Eventbrite.  Please note that demand for Madam Storms masterclasses is high so please sign up to her newsletter and register your interest that way you will get to hear about the events as soon as they are announced.



  • Feel more confident within your body,

  • Learn how to command attention when you enter a room,

  • Walk confidently in your heels.

  • Harness the power of your sensuality

To get your STRUT on all you need is a pair of heels, leggings or shorts and fishnets tights accompanied by a plain top or bodysuit.

Please bring a bottle water to keep hydrated!



On completion of my Strut masterclass, all students are awarded a certificate confirming their attendance.

If you need further information about the Strut masterclass, please contact Madam Storm using the register your interest form or alternatively call 07738 157620 or email info@teachmestorm.co.uk.

Please bear in mind spaces fill up very fast