Do you fancy a girls night out?

Do you and your girlfriends want to try something new, sexy and fun? 


Sharlena tells us how much she enjoyed Madam Storm's Private Strut Masterclass session for her hen party .

Adonica tells us how much fun she had on her birthday with Madam Storms Strut Masterclass

a Night Out to remember

Let Madam Storm create you night to remember.  Before going to your final venue –club, dance or party, visit Madam Storm’s studio and spend an hour or so with positive inspirational activities to get you in the mood.

A sparkling evening starts with a sparkling wine reception for the guests, and the wine is on tap throughout.  

Madam Storm will take you through a repertoire of activities designed for fun, hilarity and confidence-building appropriate to the occasion.  They will include some of her famous Struts – like the Pussy Cat.  Everyone will join in the Struts as well as to practise techniques of posing, flirting and sexy dancing.  Everyone will soon be in the relaxed, party mood.

When it’s time to move on, we can arrange a car to take you to your party destination, or for an extra special treat we can arrange a stretch-limo, bar and all.

This fun evening is valued at £600 for 12 people and £45 for each lady beyond 12 (2hr booking) The Bride/Birthday gurl goes free, of course.

Studios are based in Brixton, Camden and West End.

 Madam Storm can only take parties of 16 or less in order to give individual attention to everyone.


Please contact me on 07738 157520 or alternatively email or complete the fom below and I will call you back at your requested time to discuss your booking.

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