Who is Madam Storm?

"I became a female confidence coach because I believe in female power and can relate to the issues many of my ladies have faced; I understand what it feels like to feel lost, unloved and insecure. I've been there- I've lived it!

I choose the name Madam Storm, because it resonated with me because of my lifestyle as a Dominatrix, it represents my female divine power and self confidence and it sounds bloody cool!

I run a series of classes and lifestyle programmes focussed on various practical issues aimed at increasing self-confidence and projecting authority as well as femininity. The classes are delivered in a unique relaxed style appropriate to the modern young woman. They're active, they're engaging, they're fun because that's the way I am.

Who is Madam Storm? I am a woman who embarked on a scary, unknown but beautiful journey on finding my purpose in life and healing my soul. I learnt to let go of everything that no longer served me and accepted love into my life."

"My mission is to empower women by increasing their confidence in their own ability and personality. I'm not a talking therapist, I'm a TAKE ACTION kinda girl. I believe sexiness is a mindset, an attitude and our body language is an expression of how we feel about ourselves and how we chose to communicate that to others." - Madam Storm


Madam Storm can empower you

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Madam Storm’s STRUT Masterclasses

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Art of Seduction Programme

Madam Storm is also available for public speaking.