Madam Storm’s online coaching is for the woman who is ready to invest in herself and take back her power!

Working with Madam Storm can help boost your self-esteem gain confidence and KEEP IT!

She will give you the tools you need to build and maintain your confidence; Madam Storm believes confidence is something that continues to grow.  She will set you homework to push you outside of your comfort zone, allowing you to continue to develop.

Her sessions are designed to break through barriers that are holding you back and coach you towards happiness and self-empowerment.  This will result in you becoming be a better version of yourself.  Madam Storm says: “Confidence is the key to a successful life whether that be personal, romantic or sexual”.

Online sessions are conducted through video call, allowing both Madam Storm and her client to see each other.
A personal, private link will be sent to you and all you have to do is click on the link to join in for your fabulous session.  Yep, it's that easy!

Madam Storm’s sessions are unique to each individual.  Sessions and programmes will differ depending on her client's needs.  In order to be sure of offering right tailored programme, Madam Storm offers a free initial telephone consultation.

Your investment for your online session will be as little as £35 per session when you book 6 sessions or more.

Take the first step today to changing your life and book in your free telephone consultation by clicking on BOOK SESSION

Telephone sessions are also available for those who prefer a talking therapy. Click here: LET’S TALK

Simply register your interest and Madam Storm will be in touch to discuss your personal requirements.
Alternatively call on 07738 157520 or email


Madam Storm’s famous Art of Seduction Programme is a 3hr session based in a studio.

Learn how to seduce your lover and be sexy and irresistible. Madam Storm will show you how to introduce fun and kink into your life and spice up your relationship.



You may have seen her featured in Metro and Time Out Magazine on her famous STRUT Masterclass.

This is a group coaching session, during which Madam Storm teaches you how to walk in your stilettos whilst boosting your confidence and self esteem.