How to seduce your husband, boyfriend or lover

This is a private 1 to 1 session for females over 25

Do you want to know how to seduce your husband?
Work with Madam Storm and learn how to seduce your lover and be irresistible.

Do you want to know how to spice up your relationship?
Madam Storm will show you how to introduce fun and kink into your life.

Do you want to learn how to feel sexy?
With over 11 years experience, Madam Storm's private and personal Art of Seduction session is for you!!

"The Art of Seduction is a very broad subject.  I’ve studied it in theory and in practice in my international career for many years.  I’ve mastered so much of it and I’ve coached many women to promote their sensuality successfully with elegance and confidence. Whilst I’m now proficient and able to share my knowledge, we all realise that it is a subject which we can go on learning all our life.  I want to welcome you on board to start that magical journey." - Madam Storm

What’s it all about?

Madam Storm has identified the Seven Secrets of Seduction – the most important elements of the Art.  As you can see, there’s a great deal to cover, so I’ve designed a three-session programme to explore each of my Seven Secrets in turn and in depth.  The Masterclass explores the practical basis of seduction in an interactive and fun way, adapting to your own special preferences.

The Art of Seduction Masterclass is set in a private studio with Madam Storm, herself.  You’ll find the sessions fun, exhilarating and up lifting. You will feel empowered and sexy after just 1 session.

The Masterclass is guaranteed to leave you feeling sexy and irresistible!

Once you’ve completed this programme, you may want to embark on a Golden Session. This is where we put it all together and set the scene in your home or chosen location.

Madam Storm can also offer a very personal shopping trip for you. She knows it can be very daunting and scary to find the right sexy outfit, toy or that perfect shoe to polish your look.  The Golden Session is a small investment for those who want to add that special touch.

They say a woman who embraces her femininity is a woman who knows her power.

Sign up today and embark on this magical journey of finding and enhancing your sensuality and sexuality.


Session One:

The Body Beautiful
The first rule is to know how your body moves and what it looks like naked. The second rule is self-appreciation.  We will work closely with the mirrors and practise powerful affirmations for this exercise. I will set you homework to practise at home, nude and partly nude, the moves you’ve learnt with me in the studio.

The Art of Sensual Movement
To be sensual, you must be in tune with yourself.  You will learn how to feel your sensuality, through exercises I set you.  You will learn how to tap into your goddess energy.

Session Two:

Session Two starts with a reprise of what we learned in Session One.

Seductive language
The words you choose and way you say them (tonality) make an impact.
Together we will explore this.

How to Seduce
I will unveil the secrets of seducing whatever and whoever through several different exercises (knowing your victim) and through the home work I will set you.

The Art of Flattery 
Many go for the obvious choice when flattering an individual.
Once you’ve completed this session you will go for the most stimulating choice, leaving the object of your charm intrigued and wanting more.

Session Three:

Session Three starts with a reprise of all we have learned in the previous two sessions.

I will train you to think outside yourself and tap into your lovers wants, needs and desires.

Role play
This is my most favourite part of the session, teaching you the power of being dominant and submissive. 

How to use it and when to use it is the key!!!!
Successful seduction begins with your character, your ability to realise your potential and understand what it is in your character that naturally excites other people.
Every woman has the power to seduce.



The How to seduce your husband, boyfriend or lover Programme is conducted in a relaxed, safe, non judgemental and inclusive environment.

Ladies must be over 25 to attend the How to seduce your husband, boyfriend or lover Programme, your partner is welcome to attend with you if you wish.

Your investment for the How to seduce your husband, boyfriend or lover 3 hour programme is £479

 For further information please contact Madam Storm on 07738 157520, alternatively email or register your interest by clicking on the button below.