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The Art Of Seduction VALENTINE Special

The Art of Seduction.


Share an afternoon of fun and frolics and explore the Art of Seduction, learn and understand your body and the power you posse in Madam Storm’s latest confidence-boosting Masterclass.  

Whether at work or play, being able to project an attractive personality is a key success factor. Learn how to seduce your partner or lover and most importantly learn how to seduce yourself.  In an interactive 5-hour event, Madam Storm will teach you how to harness your divine feminine powers.

No boring lectures, this is an active session, entertainment rather than school work, practice rather than theory. You are involved all the way through, mentored and monitored by Madam Storm herself.  

By the end of the masterclass, you will learn:

  • Body language and eye contact
  • Learn the art of sexy talk, of appropriate tone and suggestive words
  • Practice sensual body movement
  • Be confident of your ability to impress, from boardroom to bedroom and social settings
  • Body worship (affirmation)
  • Group coaching
  • Posing techniques for the perfect selfie
  • How to position your body whilst being intermit 
  • How to be seductive and seduce your victim 
  • Flirting techniques 

The masterclass is conducted in a relaxed, safe, non judgemental and inclusive environment. Ladies must be over 25 to attend AOS Masterclass (this is a female only event)

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