To all my beautiful ladies

Dear sister,


Who told you, you wasn’t beautiful,

Who told you, you wasn’t perfect in your form,

My sister who taught you not to love yourself unconditionally.


My sister you are beautiful, a piece of art,

You are the artist a perfect picture,

Dip your brush into your colourful aura.


Your beautiful smile says a thousands words,

You are perfect in your form,

You are unique in every way.


My beautiful sister, you are enough,

You are beauty,

You are light,

You are magic,

Allow love in.


Love yourself unconditionally,

Dip your brush into your beautiful aura,

You are the creator,

You are the artist of your life,

Paint a pretty picture.


Let the world hang your art upon a wall,

Let us see your true beauty,

You are PERFECT in your form.



Author: Madam Storm

© Madam Storm| All rights reserved