Street STRUT

It was my first STRUT Masterclass back after my not so glamorous fracture to my left foot.

 I was so excited to be back in my 6-inch thigh-high heels and sexy black bodysuit.  I was back in my uniform and ready to meet my new Strutters.

 The studio was buzzing.  25 women entered the studio. I was greeted by hugs and kisses and together we created a safe space. One of the women to join our sisterhood was the beautiful Florence Derrick, a journalist I had met once before.  She had been responsible for my front cover and spread in the Wharf Newspaper back in November 2018.

 Not only was this my come back STRUT Masterclass it was the launch of the STREET STRUT!  Yes, you heard right - Street STRUT.  Can you imagine 25 women strutting down London streets in their stilettos together?  In unison? Owning their space and individuality?  It was breath taking to witness all these women becoming confident in themselves in such short period of time.  I witness a beautiful journey of individuals becoming powerful, confident women.

Nor was I the only one who felt the magic.  Florence Derrick was also blown away by the experience and wrote this beautiful piece for Eventbrite on her experience at my STRUT Masterclass.  You can read the full article here:


 STRUT is much more than a Masterclass; it’s an experience.  Join the sisterhood today and become a STRUTTER .  Click on link below

Me and my beautiful STRUTTERS standing on the Embankment.

Me and my beautiful STRUTTERS standing on the Embankment.