We’re so, what?,...... SEXY

I was joined on the 29th April by a lovely group of women attending my STRUT Masterclass.  This is the class that teaches women how to walk sexily and confidently in their high heels.  

We started off the session by welcoming one another into our safe space.  A space of no judgement of others or ourselves. A space created for women to STRUT into their power. The next step was to coach these beautiful women how to stand in their stilettos because, let’s face it, if we can’t stand in them we have no chance of walking in them.

As a therapist and a confidence coach, I'm a great believer that everything starts with the mind.  I believe that whatever it is we are thinking, our bodies project it. This is why I introduced affirmations into my masterclass.


The first affirmation I introduced is I AM HERE.  This means I am present, I own my space. Now, with the mind right, they were ready to embody those words, by standing up straight, shoulders pinned back, core engaged, chest up. Now that they are looking strong and confident, I introduced the first Strut. The Power STRUT is first, followed by The Diva, The Sass, The Seductress and The Pussycat STRUT. Starting with the Power Strut – the Strut that commands attention in any situation.  Continuing with Struts that become progressively bolder, sexier and more intimate. Each Strut is different, with a different purpose and effect. But in each case the technique remains the same:

Step 1 Stand tall, shoulders back, core engaged, chest up

Step 2 Step with right foot first.  Heel down followed by the sole of the foot. Repeat with left foot.

The afternoon was electric, buzzing with energy and fun.  Many of my beautiful ladies came on their own, but they all soon made friends and connected with the other women. STRUT is so much more than a Masterclass that teaches women how to walk in high heels.  It’s a movement, a sisterhood, a celebration of womanhood.

The afternoon finished in true Madam Storm style, accompanied by a special guest, my partner Mr Marcus, I showcased my Art of Seduction Masterclass , where the ladies witnessed me seducing him with a few simple movements , as I strutted towards him.


We then gave out certificates after all my ladies were now professional STRUTTERS. We toasted the occasion with a glass of prosecco.

Remember, How you walk says a lot about a you.  You only have one shot to make a good impression. Make it a memorable one!!!!!

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